Singapore - Paris

Elodie Chandernagor is a French artist currently working in Singapore and Paris. Her work comprises painting, photography and video often to express the connection between the human body and its nearest environment. Trained as a painter, she uses the other media to express the idea of memories and address physical, and temporal relationships between Body, History and Present. Her classical training in Europe encouraged a strong sense of colour. She is a colourist above all, and from the colour comes the story, or History. In her work, she investigates the place given to history in our personal lives by asking: where does my body stand between personal and collective matters? Who am I in the world as time runs by? Bodies are the beginning and the end of this personal and plural quest, that is why they are at the centre of every work. All we are, is a body, and from this stories arise. The artist offers her story and encourage the spectator to share their own version. In the end, bodies are a blank canvas. Only once this is truly understood can mankind begin to ask : what is my place in this story?


Art Residency at Marpha Foundation, Nepal
Kaleidoscope at Riverwalk, Singapore
I-5191 at Institut des Arts de Paris, Paris, France
Elevation at ACA, Brussels, Belgium
L’ACA des Etudiants at ACA, Brussels, Belgium


Conference at Conferenza del Colore
September 2018 Florence, Italie
Conference at International Congress of Colour
October 2017 Jeju, South Korea
Conference at Art Space Art+ Shanghai
June 2017 Singapore, Singapore


MA in History of the Contemporary Art Market at IESA (Institut des Etudes Supérieures des Arts)
2012 – 2013 Paris, France
MA in Fine Arts at Accademia delle Belle Arti
2011 – 2011 Firenze, Italy
BA in Fine Arts (Painting specialization) at Académie Royale des Beaux Arts
2010 Brussels, Belgium
Training in colour and painting copy at ARDECO
2006 Avignon, France


  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Colours
  • Lecturer


Winner, the Blockx Colour Prize